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By Playtime Architecture
Hello JD,
Sorry haven't been regular here...maybe my question was answered already but I would like to know if I can use MR 3.2.5 with SU 2017? I have tried to install the plugin with SU2017 but since it does not find SU2017 and I cannot force it to use sketchup.exe in the 2017 folder I am stuck.
I have purchased V4.1 that I am using on a SU2017 but I have another workstation that is used for settings and tests and i would like to keep using MR 3.2.5 in it ( no time to change all settings and redo the whole thing or buy another license)

thnx otherwise the new 4.0 is very good and fast and reliable!
By JDHill
Sorry to say, but it has not been technically possible to compile a v3 plugin for SU2017, as there never existed a compatible v3 Maxwell SDK (and indeed, for the first months of SU2017 availability, even the v4-only plugin was based on a not-yet official internal SDK build).

In some cases, it may make sense to leave SU2016 installed on a machine, using the 3.2.5 plugin, saving to SU2016 format from SU2017, and setting up materials/etc/rendering in SU2016.

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