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By piroshki
Hi Fernando,

I decided to play around with the new plugin today, and am getting my first Rhino crashes in months. If I hit "render" it will sometimes start to render, but sometimes I will get a hard crash for Rhino.

In fact I just had to restart my computer for the first time in a long time as Rhino refused to start and would immediately crash. The only thing I have done is install the new plugin a few hours ago.

Can you think of any reason this might be happening? The model I am trying to render isn't that big... I do notice that CPU and memory usage spike just as I hit render. It looks to me like this is happening before Maxwell gets called, so perhaps when it is preparing the scene file? Anything I should look at?


By piroshki
Just had this happen again, and this time I had the task manager open. CPU didn't pass 50%, however memory (in use) went from about 6 GB to 15.9 GB (I have 16 gb on my machine). Committed memory climbed to 40 GB (!!!) before crashing. So IMHO there is a memory leak in there somewhere...
By piroshki
Sorry for the multiple posts... This is what a successful render look like (see first image).

Second and third images show what happens before a crash.
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By piroshki
Having fun on my own thread here :)
It appears that one (or several) surfaces were causing a problem. This does not happen with the R5 plugin. There must be some code in there to prevent this crash from happening.

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