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Hi Tech Support or anyone who can help,

I'm using the verson of Maxwell in Rhino V6. When I open up a file from V5 I find that my IES lights do not show up. Strangely even when I add a simple point light from within V6 the render process does not recognize it. Even though multilight is turned on Maxwell render does not show any available lights. I notice that the lights are physically there in Rhino V6 and they can be selected and the properties shown. They show up as Rhino spot lights with no reference to a IES file. I read the "Translation Guide" that was published but didn't find any useful information on lights. The exact same file works fine in Rhino V5. Curious why even a new light added in V6 would not light up the scene. None the less I'll just add that the use of IES files is critical in the work I do. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ed
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!