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Hi all,

I had a hard-drive melt-down on me, so I had to re-install everything.

I have re-installed Rhino5, and have downloaded the Maxwell V4 for Rhino5 plugin but I get the following error (see attached).

I am trying to figure out if this is a Rhino error, or a Maxwell error. Given that the vendor fields are empty, it looks to me like this is a Maxwell error.


Kind regards,

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OK, well I had to figure this stuff out by myself. Feels good to have figured it out, but honestly would have been nice to get some form of response from NextLimit.
It turns out that when you install Rhino5 it installs in two locations - in the Program Files directory, but also in the Program Files (x86) folder. The version that was starting was the wrong version, so it could not load the plugin...
Hello Tom,

I apologize for the late response; the last two weeks I've been swamped with the job.
The error you mention is very odd, as well as the reason for it you explain. The plugin should not install anything in Program Files (x86) since Maxwell 3. I'm curious to understand what happened there.
Anyway, I'm glad you could solve it.

Best regards,
Hi Fernando - just to be clear the plugin doesn't install anything in the x86 folder, but Rhino does, which was the problem. If you install Rhino5, it installs BOTH the 32 bit version and the 64 bit version. I was starting the wrong one, so it could not load the plugin. Its all working now.

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