Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
By joris.b
Hi Fernando,

Another thing that would be useful for FIRE:
when moving objects, Fire updates these changes, but it would be good if Fire could also automatically update rotations and scaling of objects.

By Robert Keeping
PA3K wrote:
Sat Jan 27, 2018 6:22 pm
Hello, does anyone knows when Maxwell for Rhino will be upgraded? I just upgraded to Rhino 6 and maxwellrender plugin 4.1.7 is not supported. I already asked on customer portal, but if there will be sooner answer here ... Thanks.
It's a WIP and was delayed with some staff changes but I believe there is progress but no timeline announce - except soon. Apparently, many plugin broke with v6 as it was a significant update with many changes that meant the upgrade tools did not work.
By fulkrum
Forum Moderator wrote:
Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:38 pm
Hi again,

This is starting to move forward again. I'm preparing quite a big document for the new developers for Rhino in order to describe what we want inside the plugin so they can focus on the important things first and understand the whole project. I'm going through all the plugin, describing Jeremy's work and reviewing what I think can be changed or improved (with all due respect for Jeremy's work, of course; I know how well thought his plugin is).
We will try to first have an initial version including the basics for you to be able to work with Maxwell as soon as possible and then keep adding features. So, if there's something that bothers you about the plugin, something that you would do in a different way or just something new you would like to see in the plugin, this is the best time to express yourself. Please, let us know what you have in mind (while keeping your feet on the ground, :P ); hopefully, we can make it real.


Let me share something that Shigeru Miyamoto said and that is very true: "A product delayed to improve, eventually will be a good product. A product released in a rush will be always a bad product".
Don't rush it too much. I rather preffer to keep using Rhino 5 for rendering and wait for NL to do a really good job for the plugin than use an incomplete first release.

Honestly, I'm still a little frustrated for the way that NL released Maxwell Render 4 with half functionalities for the GPU rendering. IT IS NOT WORTH IT! GPU can only be used for basic rendering! It is a good software but it still feels like incomplete or released in a rush. Don't do it again please. Take your time and release something fully functional.
Best regards.
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By osuire

May I inquire if the Maxwell plugin for Rhino V6 is still under development, or did I make a big mistake a few months back when I updated my Maxwell render license ?

By Robert Ley
It really feels like development of Rhino 6 plugin (and Maxwell 4 for that matter) is really at a snails pace, if at all. I was looking through older posts of users asking about upcoming updates, even asking politely and with patience, when Rhino v6 will be supported. Many of these posts were dated back in 2017, and we still have no update for Rhino 6. Sadly, it does not seem to be prioritized at Next Limit.

Even Maxwell Render itself is long overdue for an update. The last moderate update to 4.2 was over 6 months ago and while the GPU render, for example seems promising, it still feels half implemented in many ways.
By joris.b
Hi Fernando,

For the new Maxwell pluging, it would be good to improve some things about the Material Editor so it matches more the 'standalone' Material editor, i.e.: a larger material preview (150%), also some options are missing in the material wizard (shiny/rough/brushed aluminium vs 'aluminium'), the preview scene seems a lot slower,...

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By Forum Moderator
Thank you for your suggestions Joris, we'll take them into account.

Regarding what you mention about the preview feeling slower, it could be because in the Scene Manager > Options tab > Material Defaults section > Preview Threads > the default value is 1 instead of 0, which will use all your computer cores. You can tune that up there to your liking.

I hope this helps.

P.S: Still working on Rhino plugin.
By joris.b
Hi Fernando,

I did not know about that, it's much faster now, thanks!
By the way, is it also possible to assign more cores to Fire?

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By Forum Moderator
Yes, but in the case of Fire, the default value is 0, which means "all of them".
When Fire is running, you can right-click on the Fire window and you will get a menu there where you can change the number of threads among other things. You can also set it to -1, which means "all but 1".

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By greengreen
What is the expected time-frame for the release?
I certainly don't want you guys to rush it out, but I keep wondering, it affects my work
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