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my rhino for maxwell licenses are not working anymore. not the one i own for mac nor the one or pc. After I try to export a file to maxwell studio from rhino the license activator pops up and wants me to license the plugin. after i tell it to use the rim it finds the licenses and quits but i still can not export my data to studio.

I can use all my other licenses for Studio on my Mac's and the PC. All my render nodes are also just fine and they all are directed to the RLM server on my mac. Just the export will not work somehow!!!!

what is going on?

cheers and thanks.

My guess would be that the licenses you are activating are not for the Rhino plugin (meaning, perhaps they are for Studio instead; if you look inside the .lic file, you should find "maxwell_rhino" mentioned, if the license is for the Rhino plugin). But, this is just a guess; please contact support through your account at https://portal.nextlimit.com, as they will be able to tell you which licenses you have, and where/how they need to be installed & activated.
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Hi JdHill, thanks for the feedback. It used to work all just fine until I updated the plugin to 4.1.7... and I DO OWN two rhino to maxwell licenses and had been using them with no problems...Contacted tech support already... Cheers Q!
Sure, I was not questioning what you own, but I believe a change was made specifically to prevent plugins running with only a Studio license, so that's why I mentioned it; the setup may just need to be adjusted (combining licenses into a single file on the license-serving machine or similar). But, I'm not an authority on that.

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