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By cosoli
"I found that the materials texture's file path would not change to the folder I chose"

When I used "Pack & Go" , Maxwell can create a MXS file and copy all the material's textures in the scene to the folder I chose.

But I found that in the "NEW MXS" , the material's texture still link to the "Original path" :?:

Dose it look like some kind of issue?
By Marton Day8

Do you use pack and go from the Revit plugin or from Studio?
"I found that the materials texture's file path would not change to the folder I chose"
The files are all inside the same folder as the mxs file after pack and go, so in case Maxwell can not find the exact path, it will search for the same path where the mxs is.

I have tried to follow how it works under Studio, and as I have understood it is the same.

Do you have problem or just question?

By cosoli
Thanks Marton

I Just think about that maybe this function can be better :D

(I mean that the textures of material still link to the original location (the original folder), sometimes it would confuse me especially when I edit the texture, I need to tell which one is the texture link to the MXS I exported )
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By Mihai
The idea with Pack & Go is so you can easily move your project to another computer and render there, or a render farm. Since the plugin may not know what that final path actually is, it makes little sense to try and change the paths to all the textures because in most cases you will move that "temp" Pack & Go folder to another computer and so there will be new paths. As long as the files are in the same folder it doesn't matter what paths are specified in the MXS or MXM.
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By Forum Moderator
Yes, as Mihai said the idea behind Pack and Go is to be able to render the scene by loading the mxs from that folder even if you move it to a different computer.
If Maxwell cannot find any of the needed files, it will look in the same folder of the mxs file or in a "textures" folder next to it. So there's no need to change the paths.


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