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By zparrish
Has anyone reported any tessellation issues when exporting their Revit model to MXS? We have an artist on the team that consistently has a tessellation issue that I can see when reviewing the exported MXS file in 3ds Max. The object name in question is:

8x4 with trim with bathroom cut out_[920981]Shape

There are also other objects that appear to have tessellation issues as well. The base object in Revit was simply a box with a void cutout. It also has some small trims near the borders with some odd faces.

When rendering directly in Revit (not Maxwell), the tessellation is fine. The only other thing I can think of is that the Maxwell plugin for Revit has some issues tessellating native Revit geometry.

Please take a look at the file and let me know if you need the original Revit file for testing. Thanks!
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By Marton Day8

The plugin doesn't make tessellation, it reads the final poly-geometry from the Revit API, but maybe there is something else.

Could you please send me the Revit file and the mxs too for checking?

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By zparrish
Sorry for the extreme delay. For some reason I hadn't received an e-mail acknowledgment from the forum system in regards to your response.

Here's a link to the Revit file which was used to generate the MSX file I attached in my previous comment. I was able to determine that the surface normals on the offending geometry were off by 90 degrees. I did so by reimporting that MXS file into 3ds Max and checking them manually.

https://constructionspecialties.egnyte. ... eMrzApAm7n

Thanks Marton!

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