Everything related to the integration for Maya.
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By mjcherry
There is no way in the plugin to assign a material to it. Sometimes I'm able to via the node editor, but not always. I then created a new MXS in Studio, which I bought hoping it would solve this issue, only to find out that when I import the scene into Maya, the Maxwell grass extensions don't come with it...

I really wish you guys would get your Maya support fixed.
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By choo-chee
nope there is. after clicking the "grass" icon in the shelf, click the "create and assign new material". when creating the grass it's automatically selected so then you can assign a material to selection. also - you can select the mesh that has the grass assigned to, open hypergraph connections, and select the grass node from there and assign material to it.
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By mjcherry
Thanks, for the life of my I don't understand why there isn't a more intuitive way to assign a material. For example, if you use a Maya light, you can assign a Maxwell material to it in the Maxwell tab. Why wouldn't this exist for the grass extension? As I said before, I've tried using various node editors, including the hypergraph, but have been met with mixed results - sometimes it works, sometimes it's a pain.

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