Everything related to the integration for Maya.
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By mjcherry
:( I upgraded to the latest version of Maxwell Render and the Maxwell plugin for Maya. For some reason, Pack and Go is no longer working. I don't have studio, only the Maya plugin and need to pack and go to send to a render farm. Do I need to get studio now??
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By Forum Moderator
Hello Mj,

What does happen exactly when you try to export the scene? Nothing at all, some error, a crash?

Probably importing the old file in a new one will make it work again.

Also I would try to do an "Export Selected" instead of normal export (currently it is exporting all the assets of the scene too). Obviously, make sure you have checked "Pack'n Go" option when exporting. :mrgreen:

Best wishes,
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By mjcherry
I click the pack and go icon in the toolbar, select a folder I created and tick the box for export MXS. Then I press the proceed button. When I do that it turns dark and I get the spinning beach ball (I'm on OS X) that usually indicates it's doing something, but nothing is ever put in the folder.

I didn't know I could do a Pack and Go when choosing export selected, I will try that as well.

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