Everything related to the integration for Maya.
By Juan Ramirez

  • - Integrates the render engine.
    - Maxwell render settings icon has been changed.
    - Fixed: syntax errors.
  • - Fixed: When using orthogonal cameras, maxwell render different areas than maya viewport.
    - Fixed: When up axis is z, maxwell doesn't render hair properly.
    - Fixed: 'UV Rotation' parameter in 'Maxwell Image Control' is interpreted in radians, now is interpreted in degrees.
    - New Feature: Added new button 'Render Sequence'.
    - New Feature: Now 'send job to network' button let user select between render current frame and render all frames specified in render settings.
    - New Feature: Now legacy viewport show texture's uv rotation if any enable viewport override.
  • - Fixed: Boolean objects cut wrong axis.
    - Fixed: When up axis is z, maxwell scatter extension doesn't apply properly the scale and rotation parameters.
    - Fixed: Parameter 'Grow Towards World-Y' in maxwell grass extension has been renamed as 'Grow Towards World-Up'.
    - Fixed: When up axis is z, 'Grow Towards World-Up' parameter doesn't rotate grass properly in viewport.

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