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By 4 HeRo
Thank you very much Mike,

I have started changing my mats and can see the improvements already :D

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By mverta
Now THAT'S what I like to hear :D Parts 1 and 2 are pretty dry, but necessary... things start to get sexy in Part 3...

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By simmsimaging
Just finished the new one - excellent tutorial Mike. Great information, great presentation. I can already see how it's going to change things for me as well. Thank you very much

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By trofaster
Same as above - the 0°/90­° walkthrough and the the usage of derived map in the 90°-channel was eyeopening to me. Now all we need is an build in option in maxwell to make those derived maps directly in the mxed/modelling apps.

Great work mike

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By mverta
The issue there, as you'll see in later parts, is that there's no straightforward process for deriving the 90 maps... it's not always as simple as leveling or gamma adjusting the map - though that often works just fine. In some instances, there are uses for making radical departures in the 90 to exploit the system's behaviour. It's so wide and varied, that I think Photoshop still reigns as the best tool for preparing such maps. More to come...

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By trofaster
It would be nice to have simple controls in maxwell for the "often" cases. Looking forward to the next episode.
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By zoppo
very impressive. thank you very much!
By Polyxo
These films are great resources. Thank you very much Mike!

By Robur
Thanks Mike - very much appreciated.
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By deadalvs
damn, nice windows skin too ...

where to get it ??

* * *


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By deadalvs
thanks a lot, Mike !

very appreciated !

* * *

it's great to see these facts getting layed out straight, so setting up materials will be more efficient for further projects.

«great success», as borat would say ... :)
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By deadalvs
mverta wrote:I made the Windows skin just 'cause I'm with that... here it is:

Verta's Windows XP Theme

hey! that theme's looking even cooler when really installed on the box ... :)

two 24" displays looking «professional» 8)

me likes ! yay !
By Ringas
Very nice Mike!!!

BTW, how can I use this theme of yours?
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