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By djflod
uhhhh that sounds promising .. thank you Mike :)
By jespi
Really waiting for that release!! Thanks Mike.
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By Tyrone Marshall
mverta wrote:Part 2 will be released sometime in the morning of Monday, July 30, Los Angeles time (GMT -8 ).

This is fabulous. 8)

Thanks Mike!
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By mverta
Part Two is an hour long... the H.264 compression crashed right at the very end - about a 9 hour conversion, so I'm splitting it into pieces and re-converting now.

By jespi
Thanks Mike, really apreciated.
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By mverta
It's in 3 parts - part 1 is up, 2 is on it's way, 3 in the queue. Links on the first page/first post. I recommend you download versus stream...

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By djflod
GREAT ... thanx a lot Mike :) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
By GavinScott

Really excellent!

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By mverta
Two, Three and Four were recorded at the same time.. I'm going to try to get Three out this week as well, since it comes right on the heels of Two's explanations anyway.

By lllab
great mike-thanks. very informative and good videos.
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By d7mcfc
Job's a good 'un! as we say around these parts!

Thanks a lot Mike for your efforts!
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By Q2
NOW things make sense! Thanks soo much Mike, great job. this really solves so many problems. Well done!

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