By dynaraton
Great job Mike. Just about the best Maxwell tutorials around.
Won't argue the Lambert thing with you no more :oops: .
Let's see more please.
By ernchesto
Thanks so much for these - talk about speeding up my learning!

Very well presented.
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By rdo2000
Just watched part 2... great stuff Mike. I'm wondering... when using your technique of lightening a bitmap for the 90 degree reflection channel, is it possible just to do this algorithmically within a hyperhshade network (assuming Maya) instead of having to create a new derivative bitmap file in Photoshop? I haven't had much luck getting shading networks to behave well with the Maxwell plugin (seems like a lot of the potential in/out connections are disabled), but it seems like this would be an obvious use.

- rdo
By jleckron
Just finished watching all of these - I can hardly wait for part 3!
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By stonelli
By the way, any news on when Part Three will be out :-)
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By djflod
Helllooooo :D any news in this area ? :lol:
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