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I am Rhino user and using Maxwell plugin for Rhino to render my work. I just find out Maxwell has this feature. Is this feature inside Maxwell studio? Which version of Maxwell render has this feature?
How can I apply the feature of subdivision modifier to avoid sharp edges and wireframe texture to create glossy edges.

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Check out the docs about it:

http://support.nextlimit.com/display/ma ... OpenSubdiv

It's applied in Studio as an object modifier, just like grass for example. In Rhino you access it by selecting an object, then in Properties, check the specific Maxwell properties and you'll find "Subdivision". Check it and you'll have the controls.

But, this won't do what you expect it to do, meaning create small fillets to avoid perfectly sharp edges. It won't work well at all with meshes that come from NURBS since they tend to create rather messy meshes and the subdivision modifier is ment for clean polygonal meshes.

I'm not sure what you mean with glossy edges and wireframe texture...
Hi Mihai,

Thanks very much for detail info! Actually I want any shape edges on my Rhino model can use this feature to enhance my rendering looks even more realistic. So this is a new feature on V3 and V4? Do you mean it may not form mesh (for rendering purpose )what I expect from Rhino complex NURBs models ?
I am using Rhino 4.0 for now, does MW V3 and V4 plugin for Rhino compatible with rhino 4 ? or I have to upgrade to Rhino 5 to deal with MW V3 and V4?

Thanks very much!
As far as I know there is a Maxwell V3 plugin for Rhino V4. Yes the subdivision modifier is available in V3. What I mean with this modifier is that it's not ment for the purpose you describe. It's ment to take a low poly quad mesh, such as you create in a polygon modelling app, and subdivide that to smooth it, which also alters it's shape a bit. If you use it on a mesh created from a nurbs model you will get pretty screwed up geometry.

If you want smooth edges I suggest either modelling them, or if you don't want to add fillets everywhere, use the applyedgesoftening command, followed by extractrendermesh command (apparently Rhino doesn't send the smoothed version of your model to the plugin if you use the applyedgesoftening, it will send the original mesh instead, so you have to use the extractrendermesh to get the actual filleted mesh).
Hi Mihai,

Thank you so much for replying my post. In terms of rounding off edges, fillets everywhere always have issue in Rhino ( It is Tricky on some situations ).
Where can I find applyedgesoftening command, followed by extractrendermesh command ? I don't find this command in Rhino 4 ? Are these in Rhino 5 or MW V3 Studio ?

P.S. Your Gallery looks incredible awesome!

Thanks very much!

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