Everything related to the integration for FormZ.
By Anders Peter Amsnæs
I have learned from the Maxwell forum at the formZ website, that Pylon is no longer under a regular contract to develop the Maxwell plugin for formZ. With formZ 9 in the works (and maybe a new Maxwell release), I hope you will still develop the plugin for formZ? Pylon has done an awesome with previous versions!
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By mojo
Please keep the formZ support, it would be so important for us! Pylon really did a great job!
By pipcleo
Don't want to end my happy collaboration with Maxwell.....
Please , please , please continue with fz support !
By David Erdelyi
I've been a loyal user of FormZ since v4.86 (maybe even there's a copy of 3.7 laying around?? -yup, it's been that long LOL)....anyhow, I've been a Maxwell user since v1. I would LOVE to keep using/buying Maxwell Render v5 with FormZ. My RTX card awaits in earnest!!
By William Daser
Next Limit,

Please continue support for FormZ in Maxwell V5. I have used Maxwell from earliest Betas of V1, and been a FormZ user since V2.2. The FormZ / Maxwell modelling / rendering combination is wonderful and needs to be kept going.

By Kota Bando
I use Maxwell on FormZ regularly and very happy with the result! Please don't exclude formZ for V5 and future development !
By envdesign
Please, PLEASE keep up support for FormZ. It's a killer combination. Maxwell is the finest photorealist render engine available on any software platform.
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