Everything related to the integration for Cinema 4D.
By fv
I just posted this image I rendered for a client in the gallery.

I noticed some bugs in the plugin/C4D so I moved over to Studio to finish the image. Especially when editing materials when Fire is on I get a lot of crashes. It was a bit difficult to keep track of when and how the plugin crashes since I am usually on a tight deadline to get work done.

By itself the C4Dplugin is wonderful also compared to other render plugins. Maxwell Studio is a lot faster with Fire on to do lighting and and some other finetuning moving geometry around.
By JDHill
Very nice atmosphere in that image, as usual. If you notice any more details on such crashes please let me know, as I don't see that here -- most likely you are using some feature (or combination of features) that come together to uncover a problem I'm not yet aware of.
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