Everything related to the integration for Archicad.

I'm having number of problems using MXS References from C4D plugin to bring in more detailed model elements into ArchiCAD. Not sure which plugin is causing the issue, but now we have to remind ourselves to rename the MXS file (to break the link) to be able to open ArchiCAD files.
1. Some MXS referenced files cause pln or teamwork files to crash on opening.
2. These same files also crash ArchiCAD when the display settings of MXS Reference are being changed.
3. Also quite often the Display changes don't take effect and it's still a placeholder when it should show the referenced geometry (faces for example)
4. Now somehow after MXS References settings are changed and when it doesn't crash, the MXS Reference jumps to a new location on plan. Might be something to do with Anchor point of the object. Not sure.
5. To not crash the main ArchiCAD file, I copy the MXS Reference to a new file to try to make changes there. When coping MXS Reference between AC windows/files, it gets to be MXS Reference (1) in AC Library and doesn't function.

Let me know if you need the Referenced MXS file to test the issues.

AC 23, AC plugin, C4D plugin 4.2.3

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