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By Steve Jepson
Does Maxwell Studio 4 work with a 4K screen ? I am using a 3840x2160 laptop screen and version 3 does not work very well with it.
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By Forum Moderator

Actually we have to make some changes from our side to make it look perfect.
There is one thing that can be done that will make Maxwell Render look fine, but won't be a good solution for Studio as the OpenGL viewport won't scale accordingly and will look like a quarter of it.
Adding a variable in the system called QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR and giving it the value of 1 will make Maxwell scale correctly, but as I said, in Studio the viewport won't look good.
There's another option that I have not tried, that could work (the web refers to Adobe apps, but I've seen this working on other apps too): https://www.danantonielli.com/adobe-app ... plays-fix/

Also reducing the resolution will do, but that's not great. In some systems, Windows scaling will work fine, in others won't.

We have to address this from our side.

I'm just curious about what Nasok did to make it look nice. Maybe your screen is big enough for not needing to scale it?

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By Nasok
Well ... frankly speaking I'm using Maxwell 4 Maya :) I quite rarely jump in the "studio" itself. Mainly just to check that everything is good to go before I trigger the progressive rendering or something.

Here is a screen grab of how studio looks on my iMac.
Screenshot 2018-11-21 at 2.29.31 PM.png
and here is the photo of it being a full screen :)
P.S. - sorry if images are a bit too big. Didn't compress them or anything.

Hope it helps.
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By Forum Moderator
Thank you Nasok,

It looks nice. Are you using some software like Retinizer or similar? What usually happens is that the text is scaled correctly, but frames that contain them not (which are defined by pixel) so the text gets big inside a small frame. In the last release we made some changes so Qt (the platform upon which the interface is built) should handle it automatically, but it looks like in Windows the solution is not complete. At least we know how to make it look nice, so for the next version it should be fixed.

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By Nasok
Hey Fernando, nope, I'm not using any type of such software.
But I totally see what you're saying. The text is the actually the one that looks a bit odd to me .. especially in a file dialogs, like when you need to import something or locate the bitmap etc. It feels like it is scaled.
UI itself is pretty fine. But again it is a 5 k screen which is only 27 inches in diagonal so the pixel density is pretty high, like a Retina display .. in fact it is a retina-display :)

However text dialogs are the least important to me in my workflow, and, again to be honest I'm mainly working inside Maya (which is also on QT), and my interaction with Maxwell there is through Maya interface (mainly) - so it looks nice and sharp. The exception is MXED - that dude has some issues :)) but again those are not critical and don't influence the quality I can get from it :)

However Steve is probably on Windows :)

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