Everything related to the integration for Archicad.
By architecturegeek
Does Maxwell 4 (for AC) have a native way to render stereo images directly from ArchiCAD? We're still on 3 w/ 3.2.3 plugin here (I'm assuming there isn't a native way with that combo?)

Right now my process is to export the scene to Maxwell studio then change the camera to lat/long stereo there. Unfortunately when I do this I'm having random portions of the model disappear, not sure if this is related to the export to studio or a combination with the camera change. Any ideas?
By Marton Day8

Extension cameras don't work under the AC plugin directly yet.

Could you show an example of disappearing models? It this appears only from the camera, or the model disappears inside Studio?

By architecturegeek
Hi Marton,

The disappearing object issue was solved by switching the plugin to 3.2.6 (my mistake for not checking for an update there first).

re: extension cameras
So if we were to upgrade to 4 right now we would need to have at least one license of Maxwell Studio in order to utilize that function?
Are extension cameras in the Maxwell for AC roadmap? How far out do you think? Knowing that might help us decide how and when we go about upgrading to 4.

By Marton Day8
It is on the roadmap but I can not say the day when it will be realized.

There is a technical issue in the background with the ArchiCad API, first I have to solve it. Currently I am focusing on improving the speed of the Extension Geometries under ArchiCad (via ArchiCad library object), after that I will focus on adding other extensions (like camera extensions) to ArchiCad.

By sinatropus
Hi Marton,

Regarding the roadmap of the AC plugin, if I my ask here, is the custom alphas feature going to be implanted? A post-processing must, imo.

Never used Studio for anything else than visual feedback for the shift lens offset, IBL background location in the 3D window, and custom alphas. Definitely not worth an extra license to complete a fully priced AC standalone. I'm trying to figure out my new workflow without Studio in version 4 as the C4D was the second upgrade priority.

Also, couldn't render region (marquee selection) and extra sampling be implemented with GUI as their command line support exist? Thanks.
By sinatropus
Hijacking the thread again as the topic was started here.

Great update 4.2, Marton. Went quite unnoticed. Custom Alphas are very well implemented and very needed update! Thanks. Only thing not working is Custom Alpha Object Channels with new AC21 Stairs and Railings. Seems like a bug.
I assume the plugin is not able to read the marquee selection in 3D window like Basic or CineRender as the render region uses percentages? Quite difficult to use as there is no visual feedback on screen (like render safe frame in example) except for Fire, I guess.
By Marton Day8
These are two different issues, right?

The first is a bug report the second is a feature request?

I don't understand completely this marque thing. Would you like the Mawell Render Region to match the marque selection?

By sinatropus
Sorry, two different issues indeed. Yes, the first is a bug report and second is a request.

With marquee region I mean that it would make sense, that Maxwell Render would implement that exactly like CineRender or Basic Renderer do, which you can easily check. I think that was what you were asking with the last question, so that marquee in the 3D window would define the render region area in Maxwell. That would make a lot of sense.

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