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we have recently encountered some problems with the latest version of the maxwell plugin for archicad. We use AC 22 (Build 5009 on MAC OS 10.13.6)

issue 1: Almost every time we change the export files (MXS and MXI name) in the archicad render settings archicad will crash while exporting to maxwell. After restart archicad the process will work without any changes in file names or folder name (export folder). To us there seems to be no logical explanation. The export folder (maxwell) and original folder for the archicad file are both located on a mounted drive. Every user has write and read permissions.

issue 2: When loading / opening an archicad file with referenced mxs files (maxwell referenced MXS) the whole process of opening is extremely slow. This is especially weird since the archicad file has only 4 different referenced mxs files. One of those is a quite simple Coca Cola can that has about 500 instances in the archicad file. We thought using the referenced mxs system was all about not loading the full amount of data....but that does seem to be the case, since the loading time significanty drops when using just a few instances (5-10) of this cola can or any other referenced mxs file. The mxs file is only displayed in bounding box mode....

Can anyone help with these issues?

Best Alex
MXM - Anodized Aluminium

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