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Hi, I'm trying to render a very simple 150frame camera pan over a simple building - only 3 simple materials, the Maxwell diffuse, Maxwell plastic and Maxwell AGSglass. No maps have been added. I can render a single frame ok but when I render the fly through it crashes archicad every time....I've just bought the software to generate this animation so need to get it working for a presentation I have later this week.

I've just had a look in the folder I created to render the images out to and it appears its created all the 150No. .mxs files and 150png files before it crashed. It will render the first frame in the Maxwell render window that opens up but crashes at the end of the render (i limited it to a sampling level of 14). Not sure if that helps?

One thing I've also noticed is that if i render a single image in Maxwell the render size is correct however the rendering of the fly through (the single image generated before it crashes) is zoomed in? Ive set the output size and screen size the same - i cant understand why its different? I need it to look like the image rendered of the single frame.

If someone could offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated.
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