Everything related to the integration for 3dsmax.

We are making some improvements to the plugin for 3dsmax, and we wanted to show them to you.


Here are some changes we made to the MxLight object:

MxLight gizmos.png
Here you can see the MxLight object, with a target and showing different gizmos depending on the type of light selected.

Here you can see more surprises in the MxLight object when you activate "Select and Manipulate" button in Max:

MxLight Improvements 2.gif
You can resize the area light, change spot highlight and falloff angles and modify the intensity of the light by dragging the new intensity handle!



Please, check this video about some of the improvements made in the material editor. No more freezing when updating the preview, easily accessible preview scenes and preview options per material:

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LzgO1T ... sp=sharing

Material editor improvements 1.png



Here goes another one:

Converter with frame.png


Here is another improvement made to the Custom Alpha channels workflow to make it more Studio style and easier to handle:

Custom Alphas window.PNG
Please, let us know what you think.

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Thank you Arcmos,

You mean to be able to have like a minimal gizmo that doesn't get in the middle, right? I think that could be nice too.

We have also added this in Select and Manipulate mode (it's an animated gif):

MxLight Improvements 2.gif

You can resize the Area light and Spot and Projector cones; also, we added an intensity handle, so you can change the light intensity by dragging it; it also shows light's color as a reference.
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No. I mean an arrow (now its just aline) on the light like this:
An example for the checkbox Targeted:
The Gizmo is nice and intuitive and i like the width and height field for the area light.
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This seems nice...but I would very humbly like to ask when the interface for openvdb for the max-plugin will be fixed. I reported this in the beginning of november and got the answer that this is, indeed, a bug and that it would be fixed in a whole new, completely redone version of the max plugin that you planned on doing.

I would really like this as I have an image I have been unable to finish for nearly 6 months now.


Ingvar Hulterstrom
Thank you for the heads-up Ingvar!

I have to say I was not aware of the problem until now. I understand you refer to the problem you mentioned in this post, right?


I'll check it and notify the developers about it.

For future bugs, I would kindly suggest to report the problems to the support team through your account in the portal; that way you can be sure we read it and notify the developers for them to fix it; we always read and answer all the support tickets we get, but in the forum, some post can go unnoticed. Anyway, thank you again for reporting the issue and sorry for the bug and the inconveniences.
Yes, but I did, there is a support case (#00018486) about this and that's where I got the answer about you doing a refresh of the 3ds plugin. After this support case it says "resolved", which, in my humble opinion, is not completely correct:-)


Ingvar Hulterstrom
Hello, here's another surprise that will be included in the soon to be coming update of the plugin for 3dsmax:

Converter with frame.png
Hopefully, you will enjoy it soon.

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