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By devista
What am i doing wrong??
When the render finish always the message and maxwell don´t save the mxi.
Sorry but I do not know how to attach a screen captura :(
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By Forum Moderator
Hi Luis,

When does it happen? When using Denoiser, Network Render, single render in Maxwell,...?

Which version are you using? I cannot reproduce it here with the latest version.

For attachments, you should have an Attachments tab under the text box, next to Options.

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By devista
Cuda toolkit instaled (1,20 GB :shock: :shock: )
Render with denoiser from 3dmax.
Same error.
With cpu:
Only save the render image but not the denoised. Not save the mxi. (normal, don´t can merge the mxis)
With gpu:
Save the render image and the denoised. Not save the mxi.
The temporals mxi are saved on the users/temp... not in the indicated path
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Hi Luis,

Does this always happen to you with every render or it's just a particular case?

I cannot reproduce the problem here. If you could give me a step by step guide to reproduce it with a simple scene it would be of great help.

Gracias Fer,
at the end I had desinstalled the v4. But I have a new problem. Now the v3 don´t recognize the license. I have a case open in the Next Limit Portal. I´m waiting for the response. :( . All was more easy with the v2 :lol: :lol: I am responsible for testing v4 :cry: :cry:

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