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Hi, I'm using Maxwell Studio version 4.2.0 on an iMac (MAC OS 10.14 .3 MOJAVE), and when I exit Studio it is not releasing the desktop and top menu properly back to the OS. So one has to logout of the current Mac user, and log back in, to reset the desktop and finder executables. This is defiantly a bug in the exit of Studio from it's UI stack - as the UI is forced to full screen mode at start up - which takes over the desktop, but then doesn't release it when I select scale to floating window (green radio button top left of UI viewport). Can this be checked and fixed in the next Studio release. Thanks.

Thanks for reporting the issue. In my case, I'm testing on a Mac Mini with the same MacOS version and Studio is not doing what you describe.

I would suggest doing the following:

-Close Studio;
-Go to this folder in Finder: /Users/<username>/Maxwell
-Rename studioprefs_v4.ini to something like studioprefs_v4_old.ini
-Now launch Studio and check if it the problem gets fixed.
-If it doesn't work, close Studio and rename last_state_v4.stlay to something like last_state_v4_old.stlay
-Launch Studio again to see if it gets fixed.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
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