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By feynman
When using a backplate in the viewport (screen mapping set to on, image converted to EXR so it can be shown) - which tools does one use to match the camera/vanishing point?

The lens is set to 42mm as shown in the EXIF-data of the backplate and some cubes are placed to get some orientation, but no matter how the view is rotated, nothing matches. Unlike in Vray https://www.hdri-hub.com/tips-and-tutor ... -2014-vray, Keyshot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKhwUkOraWU, or Blender https://www.blenderguru.com/tutorials/r ... background, etc. there is no backplate matching tool available in Maxwell Studio.

How does one get it right?

By feynman
Found out in the Modo forum. No mention on the forum here. Focal Length AND Film Back (physical sensor size of the camera used) must be set. This kind of information usually belongs into a manual.

By feynman
Another Studio bug.

When using FIRE to preview a portrait camera in camera backplate matching, the FIRE window does not render the screen mapped HDR image, while it does in landscape format.

By feynman
That changes nothing.

What helps is restarting after one of the frequent crashes when using FIRE (FIRE was far more stable in version 3.2).

Sometimes it renders. Sometimes it does not. It's a lottery.
By feynman
The brightness is alright though. It is that sometimes FIRE renders it, sometimes not; and often FIRE crashes. Also when changing a texture or rotating an HDR image. Which defeats the purpose of FIRE. Everything is dead slow with an internet connection, so one has to work without WLAN/ethernet to open or save; a click on FIRE takes over half a minute to register with internet on.
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