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Yes, the importers are not taking into account the textures (converting the materials to Maxwell). I have already suggested this improvement to the developers.

There's one route though in order to get the materials converted: the asset reference extension object.

If you create an asset reference extension object in Studio and load the obj or fbx file in it, Maxwell will generate materials out of it. The object will be monolithic, though.

Here's a link that explain all the possibilities and limitations of this method: http://blog.maxwellrender.com/tips/how- ... ll-studio/

I hope this helps.
After trying the reference extension object, I unfortunately get some strange things that makes this function useless for me.

1) My models / projects got hundreds of materials. If I want to edit this materials I have to search for them in the material list. I can't click on an object to see the materials (why isn't there / can't I find a function to group materials?).
2) !This function is not supported by Rebus Renderfarm. All material edits are gone when rendering with this (maybe I have to complain there to :-) ).

Regards Louis
Hi Louis,

I mentioned the Asset Reference because it was an easy way of getting the materials in without having to create them manually with the idea in mind of reassigning them to the imported fbx, combining the two methods (importing and asset reference), but if you have hundreds of objects... it's probably not funny, to say the least.

Regarding the points you mention:
1.- Yes, with the asset reference you get one monolithic object with the materials assigned by triangle. Maybe you can cut the scene in several fbx files in order to get something more understandable.
2.- That's something I cannot understand; if they use the right version of Maxwell it should work. The asset reference will get the materials as far as you don't modify their name (as the link between the material and the triangles in the asset reference object is based on the name).

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