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By LadleSky10
Hi Feynman,

I'm sorry my suggestions weren't helpful to you.

I would only add that my definition of a Windows install (on a non-new system) means that you told Windows to delete everything, re-format the hard drive, and do not keep prior user settings, documents, etc. This to me means a clean install of Windows --aside from installing it fresh on a brand new hard drive. I think a lot of people just install over the old and keep their documents, settings, etc. --so I want to clarify what I consider a fresh install of Windows.

This also, of course, means that you would have to backup or move all personal documents yourself (if locally kept) and temporarily return or port any software licenses on said computer, or de-activate the license for that computer, or, in some cases, simply lose an install --I so much prefer the return the license to the company's server and/or deactivate the license for said computer methods more :wink:

So, that being said, from my perspective, if someone had installed Windows on a non-new hard drive and attempted to keep their documents and prior settings, etc. those types of issues that you mention are present in a "new" install of Windows would be understandable --to me.

And, as well, this makes no mention of the host of issues that could be present around networked systems.

Anyway, again, my apologies for not being more helpful to you here.
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By Forum Moderator
Hello Feynman,

Is the same thing happening to all the users? Do they share the same preferences?
When re-installing Maxwell, did you remove the preferences files from C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Maxwell\studioprefs_v4.ini ?
Some things that could be pulling from a network location could be the Resources Browser (maybe generating a lot of thumbnails from a remote location could be interfering) or the Library panel if you have set several custom locations from which Studio is getting mxs assets. Maybe it is trying to read several big files from remote locations in order to get the previews or just trying to resolve several non-existing or problematic network folders.

I hope this helps.
By feynman
I only tested on the 2 PCs and 1 laptop in my office, the rest is remote. It's a fresh install, now with the latest version 4.2 (was 4.1 before) and anything was removed in the uninstall of the previous version, including the .ini file. RLM was not installed.

The symptom exists with an empty file, with maybe just a cube or plane from the built-in library, and no material existing at all. Studio's resources browser points to the local hard-drive.

There must be some internet-dependent interaction in Maxwell Studio, because when I connect to the internet with Studio running and then take a laptop out of range of the network (so that the internet connection simply drops) Maxwell Studio immediately is back to normal, until I walk back towards the router and the connection is restored.
By feynman
Thanks, but it happens with any network, wired or wireless.

I have not checked with the Windows Resources Monitor. What specifically should I look for, and where?
By LadleSky10

I'm no computer expert but here goes:

Task Manager will have a performance tab with the resource monitor button located there. Or, you can pull up the resource monitor using a myriad of other ways (google can help).

You'll examine your performance for any resource spikes, for example; if you're familiar with the other tabs you can check for any programs running that shouldn't be, etc.

In the Resource Monitor you can keep it open as you open and close and generally use Maxwell Render to see what resources are activated. For your particular problem, I'd pay close attention to the Networking tab and see how many bytes are being sent and received as you use Maxwell Render. Take a look at what programs are sending /receiving those bytes.

Under the Networking tab you'll want to take a look at some other things as well: TCP connections (what's using them); Listening Ports (what's using them); etc.

Take a look at the Disk Drive tab: what kind of activity are you seeing there (what's spiking --heavily used); what's causing that activity?

I also wouldn't rule out a Windows 10 bug as it relates to Maxwell Render. You might also try changing some of your Windows 10 graphics settings: maybe try something less graphics intensive --could be interfering with Maxwell's graphics/GPU updates. Are the problems with Maxwell occurring on different versions of Windows? Are there others users in the forums on Windows 10? Are they having problems?

I know you said you turned off the Anti-Virus programs but is there some type of a browser/web surfing protection separately turned on? Did you ever mention what Graphics Card you're using?

Hope that's helpful to you.
By feynman
Thanks, I try task manager performance and network observation when I have time. At the moment the bigger problem is that I am now on version 4.2 (to troubleshoot the lag issues) and my remote users are on 4.1, so I have to find a way how they can open my files...
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By Forum Moderator
It's been a while since the last message, but re-reading through the messages, I came to think that maybe some backup or sync software could be involved in the issue if Maxwell installation folder is monitored by the sync program. It could explain that the program starts checking Maxwell files when it connects to the network.

Is Maxwell installed in the default folder and using our installer normally?

When you connect to the internet, if you open the Task Manager, you can sort the list based on the network usage; which program is using the network most?

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