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By gloomer
It crashes after starting fire render, stopping fire render, start gpu render, start cpu render, changing material, importing object, applying material, changing parameters, moving object, saving file. In last two days I had about 50 crashes. FIFTY CRASHES, GUYS! I save a file after every small change but it crashes even during saving!
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By Mihai
That's extremely annoying, all I can suggest without more details is to see if these crashes happen most of the time while FIRE is already running. If not, is it possible to repeat a crash following an exact set of steps, or is it completely random? Graphics card drivers updated?
By gloomer
sometimes it crashes when fire is running, sometimes when it doesn't, sometimes it crashes when I stop fire. it crashes and crashes. always. randomly. and yes, I have all new drivers and all windows' patches.
I love the quality, but I really pissed off for these eternal crashes.
Most annoying is that sometimes it crashes when I save a file.
By gloomer
I suppose it is a question of resources management. other software use to wait or work slowly in case of memory lack, but Maxwell just crashes.
any sowtware crashes sometimes, but 50 times in 1 day with a simple scene... it is terrible result. and if we speak about serious job with strong deadlines it could be a real nightmare.
PS: GPU render is still 100% useless
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