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By feynman
I saw Mihai's interesting Maxwellzone blog post and from there purchased VIZPARK's Real Grass for 3DsMax after reading one can use the included standalone MXSs via AssetReference in Maxwell Studio (I want to scatter some of VIZPARK's grass types across parts of a terrain)

VIZPARK readme file

Version 1.1 (April 20, 2016)
* (Maxwell) Added Maxwell Render .mxs files for standalone
* (3ds Max) Added Maxwell Render 3.2 support

I open Maxwell Studio, create an extension object, link to a VIZPARK MXS, select bounding box display - but nothing shows up in the Maxwell Studio viewport and FIRE fails : (

Viewport window when AssetReference is selected in object lister

X BBox: 2e+38
Y BBox: 2e+38
Z BBox: 2e+38

Console window error message

[Extension AssetReference] The string "à(the weird symbols don't seem to paste here)" cannot be converted into a value.
Loading geometry extensions.
Data preprocess failed. Render cannot continue

The associated MXMs provided do open and find their maps

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated; it sounded so very straightforward...
Restarted PC. Started Maxwell Studio. Object > Create Extension Object > AssetReference

The empty AssetReference, when selected in Object lister shows those extreme XYZ BBox figures. This is because the AssetReference refers to no data yet, I suppose

Dragged the "VP Bromus Tectorum" folder to the desktop. AssetReference > File Name > selected the "bromus_tectorum_V4"

Nothing shows up. FIRE throws error as before

[Extension AssetReference] The string "/" cannot be converted into a value.
Loading geometry extensions.
Data preprocess failed. Render cannot continue

This is what is in the folder I copied to the desktop. Nothing missing I suppose. No special characters


No idea why https://imgur.com/a/gzSXU does not show up with the img tag
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By Mihai
Ah, the "AssetReference" is for all other assets, *except* an MXS file. To load an MXS Ref, use instead "New MXS Reference"

(img tag only works for direct links to an image, you need to get the share links from imgur and use the "BB forum link", this will already contain a directy link to the image wrapped in img tags)
Yes, a hint to that dead easy MS usage is a good idea for any MXS asset library related blog post; more click-throughs, more affiliate sales :wink:

Now all that Maxwell Studio would need is a simple low-poly terrain generator :mrgreen:
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