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Is it okay to uninstall and reinstall without any drama ?

I still have the installation file for I want to go back to the prior update whilst a bug fix or explanation is received from NL

Problem : Asset Reference will not import .obj files.
Hi RM,

Here it seems to be working fine. Could it be that it's not loading a particular obj? Have you tried to hit C key to center the view on the object? It may happen that it is too big or small as obj only understands "units" in general, but cannot deal with mm, inches or meters.

I would not recommend to go back to .4 as .5 includes some important bug fixes, but if you want you can do it. Just don't uninstall the license server or the licenses and you'll be fine.

Hello Fernando,

I'm able to File > Import the .obj, but cannot import from the Asset Reference.

I can create the container, then open the folder, but see only grey 'locked' .obj files.

Therefore, the size I believe to be ok, as I'm able to import from File > Import the same .obj that I cannot import via asset reference

The only thing that comes to mind is that I 'merged' instead of 'replaced' the update from .4 to .5 at installation. Otherwise, nothing comes to mind.

I also opened an older .4 Studio file and could not import .obj from a newly created asset reference or change the existing .obj files inside the existing asset reference containers when first created in .4.

This means .5 will lock the .obj's in existing asset references, but won't allow edits or new asset references

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