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By Igor Posavec
Dear maxwell team

i have already written about the EXR Deep Output Bug, which makes DeepData export with your software useless, now there are few other bugs we have found during the production.

We have detected following errors (or missing paramterers) while working and saving render elements/channels.

Some render elements do not tolerate anti-aliasing. It is wrong to render WorldPositionPass or Normal Pass with Antialiasing per default. Normal Channel or World Channel are not pixels but data. It is tolerable to render ObjectIDs with AA, but if you work with compositing software which points at muliti-layer objectID, then AA in ObjectID damages the output.
Maxwell Renderer creates problems by incorrectly adding AA into data informations, and manipulates the output.

Basically it is always correct or recommended to let proffesional 3d artist to decide whether he want to ouput certain channel with or without AA. 3D software offers this feature for exporting chanells.

I have tried to illustrate you below few of most common errors in Maxwell Studio/Renderer, which render the output incorrect.

Normal Pass / Channel Problem:
First ist NormalPass. Maxwell renderer renders Normals with AA. Since normal pass is not image information, but vector information, you render wrong pixels into AA. Instead of correct normal vectors, the AA pixels are something wild, and you get in image processing all those ugly edge shimmering and unwanted halo effects.

WorldPositionPass /World Problem:
The same thing as with Normal Channel. Antialiasing edges creates Data Pixels which are imposible: the neighbour pixels get (incorrect) smoothed and become wrong positions in the world space. If you take a look at the pixles Maxwell antialiased, you will see colorfull combination of values which can not exist. Using this element in the production ruines the borders of the image and make it look very cheesy.

ObjectID Channel Problem:
This is a mix of feature request and bug. While you can render ObjectID in maxwell renderer using RGB color picker, there is no way to define ObjectID for MultiLayer ObjectID workflow (you know, max, maya blender and all other, where you give to each object a number - each number will be internally calculated into unique color value and so on).
Using MultiLayer ObjectID workflow with anti aliased pixels wont work. It because the compositing software choses the Object in the picture based on full color - antialiased pixels will be cropped.

I hope you will be able to fix it for the upcoming release, where i see you are adding much more render elements. If would be pity to add now dozen new render channels - and a half of them is useless because they damage pixel data information.

Thanks a lot in advance
Best regards
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