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Hi, I am a beginner with Maxwell Studio. I need to render a supermarket-shelf with approximately 400 bottles. All are the same and in a regular order. I used in an other rendering the modifier Scatter for multiplying an object over a surface, but for the bottles it does not work because I can not align them with equal distance. Can the modifier cloner achief this controlled instances? Is there an other way to multiply controlled an object or can I only achief the line by making 399 instances? Can someone help me please. Thanks, Martin
I have on occasion needed to scatter plants in a similar manner albeit without the required accuracy
Try scattering on a long plane thinner than the diameter of the bottle and adjust parameters accordingly
Thank you for the information " By pipcleo". I allready tried that and it works well with a surface lower of 1cm width and a totaly transparent material of the surface. But unfortunatly I do not get a regular distance between the bottles. And the client is not so happy about an image of his shelfs that looks like at the end of the weekend shopping day. At the end I simplyfied the bottle and maped the lable and the cap through the U/V mapping and just keeped making instances and placing them.. Thank you again for your reply By pipcleo.
Will there be a Maxwell Render 6 ?


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Haha, thanks.