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By James Linehan
I've noticed that the denoiser happens during the rendering however if you wanted to adjust the lighting or exposure and then render another denoise version you can't do this without re -rendering the whole thing is that true?
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By Forum Moderator
Hello James,

If the render has finished but you haven't closed Maxwell, you can play with Multilight and then click on "Re-Denoise" button to make Maxwell generate the denoised image. You can find that button in Render Options panel, under Denoiser section.

However, if you closed Maxwell window it gets more complicated, as you have to retrieve the two mxi files that are generated during the renders with Denoiser from the Temp/maxwellrendertmp folder and then use the following instructions through command line (in Windows using cmd.exe and in Mac using Terminal, not in Maxwell Render):
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mximerge -folder:"folder containing the two mxi files of the same image" -coopdenoiser:"output path and name of the denoised image" -target:"path and name of the merged mxi file"
You have to execute this command in the installation folder of Maxwell Render, where you will find mximerge executable file. Please, notice there is a space between the path and the next command, but not after the colon.

We know it's too complicated and this has to be improved. Hopefully we can have a better solution for this situation in the next version of Maxwell.

Best wishes,

..... help please ..... :mrgreen:

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