Everything related to Maxwell Render and general stuff that doesn't fit in other categories.
By James Linehan
These are a few marketing ideas I had for Maxwell render

1. configure Maxwell Studio to be more friendly to people who do architecture and or jewelry product shots. The multi lighting feature in Maxwell is unique The ability to simulate real world diamond and gems is something that other rendering packages have difficulty dealing with

2.Implement 3D textures and improve volume metrics so you could have true objects That have depth and realism. objects that have internal detail using SSS and transparency.

3. make a version for Blender this could be a free version it would have limitations on resolution and a $99 version with more features. given Blenders huge user base but their choice of rendering engines require an intense amount of fiddling and knowledge to get good results. you could have entice them in with the free version and then a lot of them will probably upgrade to the $99 version. you can put limitations on networking and exchangeable files so not to cannibalize off your professional products
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