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By Mark Bell

...maybe testing RTX and 'real time' rendering, or something close to it?

When v5 is out I also hope Next Limit stick to the current pricing structure of allowing users to buy the software and not subscription based, or at least giving customers the option to buy v monthly/annual subscription.
Hello there..... I´ve been out of this forum for many many years, but i entered Maxwell when it was in its ALPHA state. Many years ago this forum used to be a glorious place, filled with so much talented people sharing so many tips and knowledge, but what happened??? This is like a dead land.....
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By Q2
I am still here, also way back from the old "alpha"days.
And I will be here further down the road but it is really sad to see that things have slowed down in recent years.
Maxwell Render "IS STILL" the best render engine on the market, at least for stills, and I just hope NL will update it asap.
Then this forum will come to life again. Happy Days!

Cheers from Bavaria
The same - another "alpha" here. It is sad to see Maxwell stagnation. I see it now this way: Juan Canada - main developer left ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/juancanadagarcia ). New software from NextLimit appeared - Roombox, Anyverse ... Especially Anyverse is the software where NL focus energy. Because it is future and new ground where NL could be commercially successful. So Maxwell is now as good and developed as it is good enough for Anyverse and Roombox. Roombox with subscription licensing and denoise speeded up algorythms doesn`t need Maxwell to be better. Maxwell is still to be catched by another engines. Corona is now presenting their caustic solver as something revolutionary new and as a future standard as was global illumination back in days of direct illumination and coloured ambient light and soft shadows. Maxwell got it as standard since 2004. And I can go on with other engines. But one day they will outgrow Maxwell for sure as other engines outgrowed for example Lightscape.
Maybe NL will sell Maxwell to Autodesk or to some other company. I see evolution of softwares these days this way: free startup project (graduation thesis, enthusiast programer project) - paid version - subcription system or selling to bigger company (or both). Problem with Maxwell is that it has long development cycles for standard licensing system and also it has too much supported softwares and platformes. Supporting so much softwares that are also developing faster is difficult. Back in old days it wasnt even "fire" in those plugins, so it was much easier. So result of this was premature V4 edition, V4 new licensing system for just one plugin, paid advanced support.
I can understand all of this, but I will welcome to see some of head developers or Victor to write some words here on old forum. Because if there is some uncertainty, people will always start to imagine the worst possibility.
I love Maxwell, that`s why I am still here. I hope Victor and people at NL will catch second wind with Maxwell. I also like you - people here on the forum, especially those, who put a lot of ideas, creativity and energy to make Maxwell to be so attractive.
P.S. I am still waiting for Rhinoceros 6 MWR V4 plugin and for V3 and V4 using at the same time (doesn`t work now).
By piroshki
I'm such a newbie - I think I got started on the first beta... :) Good times!

Fun to see a few users that came up in the past. Thanks PA3K for your thoughts - which I think all make sense.

I agree with the number of plugins - way too much. I don't see how this is sustainable. The Rhino forum used to be packed, now it is mostly empty. My last post got 2,2000 views (spam surely) but no answer.

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By bobross
I've been here since pre-alpha. Miss the old forums. Then they started heavily moderating them. It really felt revolutionary and bleeding edge back then. Not so much anymore.
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By T0M0
Long time not-anymore user here.

Wasn't multiGPU announced to be comming soon too ?

Ok, it's not critical bug, but still saying that it's coming soon... and nothing released till today...

And at least fix your Maxwell Documentation link ffs...
Here is the correct one:
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I'm so sad what Maxwell has become :|
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