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By James Linehan
It would be nice to get a final list of features before I upgraded I'd like to know what it upgrading to
By James Linehan
NE is going to have to get very specific about what version 5 features are going to be released. my version 4 was supposed to support multiple GPU's according to the original development plan but it doesn't and it doesn't even support the newer RTX GPU. So given the confusion and the lack of follow-through on some of the Version 4 features they do need to step up.
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By Mark Bell

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By Max
whats annoying to me is that i have to pay again for something i have already payed and it should have been there on V4. i dont know you guys but i have spent around 600€ for V4...for what?
V4 was gpu, not V5. This is quite absurd to me.
Without counting that im pretty sure its gonna be plagued by crashes left and right. I'll wait quite a lot if i'll decide to upgrade but i dont think so.
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By mjcherry
The V-Ray converter is very cool. Is there going to be any support for Substance? Yes, I know, just plug in the maps, but I've done exhaustive work on that and they just don't render the same. With a TON of work I can sometimes get close, but it's kind of ridiculous. With Renderman or Arnold, I get the desired result in moments.

The second question I have is if any of this GPU stuff will be applicable to me since we run all Macs? Most of my scenes utilize a lot of small lights so CPU would probably be the best bet anyway, that said, I'd love to know how I could take advantage of faster GPU rendering.
By James Linehan
GPU stuff was promised in v4 not only that but the RTX cards don't even work. Essentially v4 was crippled software. so you're paying for bug fixes. Reminds me of a company called NewTek years back with Lightwave resulting in a coup of their user base.
It is funny, that this thread "is Maxwell render abandoned?" is more discussed, than other maxwellrender 5 related threads. Maybe beacuse this was one of few alive threads in near past except "Rhinoceros 6 support" and some few others.

I have one question. If there will be no hybrid CPU+GPU render, and if GPU will be the same features and quality output as CPU (I think it is not now), will I need two licenses to render on CPU and GPU at the same time and on the same computer? Because I can merge those two output images from GPU and CPU after render. It can be even used as denoiser, or not?

And even if VRAY material converter is not a bad think at all, I will not advertise it as one of main Maxwellrender 5 features. Or maybe if there will be not 100% acurate conversion we should contact Chaos group for doing bad materials :D .

I am waiting for features more than for speed. I know, there is need for speed, but I need more speed just in problematic light situations as is in indirect seen caustic of sun or almost parallel beams lights, because now it is unproportional to other image aspects. If most of images are good enough in SL20, indirect seen sun caustic just start to be seen there as a single fireflies, and it is starting to be good at SL35 - SL40 (this is years in 1080p and single computer). I thing light simulator (maxwell) should improve in these scenarios... And many others features, that users asked in this forum. Maybe that is why NL promote Maxwell 5 on social networks, not here.
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