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I have problem, when I have installed Maxwellrender V3 and also V4. Maxwell V3 because of Rhino plugin for Rhinoceros 4 and Maxwell V4 Studio. RLM server is installed once. If I install just Maxwellrender V3 and Rhino plugin, everything works fine. The same if I install just Maxwellrender V4 alone. But it doesn´t work if both V3 and V4 are installed.
If I try to start render (with Maxwellrender V3) from Rhinoceros 4, it will show license error message (no valid license present). Then I have to put license data and add to existing license (or overwrite existing license data). Then it will show active licenses. But when I try again to start render from Rhino, there is license error message again :( .
Is someone here using V3 and V4 licenses simultaneously ?

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No Dmitriy, that is not the case. I have Rhinoceros 4 and Rhinoceros 6 installed on my laptop (no Rhinoceros 5). I installed Maxwell V3.2.5 with Rinoceros plugin to Rhinoceros 4 (32 bit). Everything is working perfect to this point. Then I installed Maxwellrender 4.2.03 (just render node and Studio, because there is no Maxwellrender V4 plugin for Rhinoceros 4 and Rhinoceros 6). Now Maxwellrender 4.2.03 is working, but Maxwellrender 3.2.5 shows license error. Rereading Maxwellrender 3.2.5 license doesn´t help, just uninstalling Maxwellrender V4.2.03 helps. What am i doing wrong? ...

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