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Hello, sorry to bother.
My maxwell render pluging for Sketchup 3.1.0 is not working as it should be. I have Standalone license.
Also, I am using Sketchup Pro 2014 as my main software.

When I hit my control button in my toolbar, the panel of fire maxwell render / scene manager / maxwell grass / maxwell sea, etc .just pop out but show me nothing. All I got is a grey window.

Since the last time I had used Sketchup and the plugin was a while ago, I am not sure why this would happen and I am so confused.
I also sent an e-mail to Next Limit Tech team, but I am not sure when I will get their information, I am in a kind of hurry to finish my project...

Plz, is there any help I can get?

ps. If it`s not an appropriate post, please let me know and I will delete it.
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The last SketchUp plugin for Maxwell Version 3 was 3.2.5. Try downloading the updated plugin from your Next Limit account and see if that helps. Sometimes I get some display issues in SketchUp 2018 whereby the scene manager box loses all details, but when I move the mouse over, they start to display. Usually closing the manager and re-opening it solves the issue. I have the same issue with the materials panel in SketchUp itself sometimes too. Try updating your gpu drivers as well.

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