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By BANDArchitects
I am having trouble getting my node locked license to work on my new iMacPro and wondered if it's because of the new MacOS 10.14 Mojave? I note that in the system requirements version 10.14 is not listed as being supported. I am slightly confused as the software loaded fine. Any views or suggestions? I have a case logged with NL but I am on a deadline! been waiting just shy of 24 hours and nothing from NL as yet
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By Christian Zuppinger
Maxwell 4 can work with Mojave. I just tried it here with an old cheese grater MacPro and the Cinema4D plugin for R20 and the license was accepted. However, I have this problem almost every time I upgrade OSX and I saw it this time first with RealFlow. Usually, a "Reread" of the licenses in the Reprise License Server administration commands helps.
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By Nasok
I'm on iMac Pro with Mojave also - and Maxwell works perfectly fine here. Everything is alright.
There might be an issue with your licence. As our friend mentioned every user has 2 activations per licence - specifically for the case of changing computer and well other stuff . so maybe you already used your 2 activations - in that case you just need to contact support for them to re-issue you the activation thingy.


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