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I believe so.
All you need to do is to "release the license" and in your customer's portal dashboard you'll have a code which you will use on your new computer.
Basically what it will do is to check whether there is any other MAC address is associated with your code.

For instance, in Maya we have a special button on the shelf - "Release the license" once you press it - it sends a signal to Maxwell that your serial number is no longer associated with the current MAC address. So all you need to do is to install it like a new one on your new computer.

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Actually it does not work like that Nasok. The Release license button in the different plugins only frees the license in that session so other computer can pick it up (in the case of floating licenses). The same computer will use it if you try to launch a render.

What you have to do is remove the license from the old computer and use the License Activator in the new one so it attaches the new host ID to the license.

You can find the license in one of these folders depending on the OS:

- Windows: C:\ProgramData\Next Limit\Maxwell\licenses
- OSX: maxwell_product.lic: Users/Shared/NextLimit/rlm_nl/Licenses
maxwell_license.lic: Users/Home/Maxwell
- Linux: $HOME/Maxwell

As there's a limit in the number of host ID changes (two), the activation process may fail. In that case you have to contact support providing the new host ID so we can assign it to the license.

I have found my license and delete it on my old PC.

So, all I have to do now is download the software, and relicense the software on the new PC?

Or do i just download the software and copy the license to the new PC?


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