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By mjcherry
Hello All!

I've been absent for a while but am looking to start a new series of 3D/Photography scenes. Over the past few years I've amassed a large collection of Maxwell Materials and I'm trying to figure out the best way to organize them. Right now I have them on a separate drive (part of a NAS system) and each material is in it's own folder organized alphabetically. As a result, I never use the material library built into Maxwell. I assume I can point the library somewhere else, though I've never really looked into it. So my question is, how do you all organize your Maxwell materials for ease of use?

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By Q2
Each project gets it's own mxm folder ( e.g. 2018_05_10-company-projectname ) which contains all used mxm's.
All textures reside in one big texture folder located on my NAS.

cheers Q!
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I have all my Maxwell matetials stored on an internal "Library" drive, but backed up to an external one and my NAS. Each material type such as Masonry, wood etc has its own folder with a textures folder within each of those. However, these days the textures I use are all located in my materials folder organised in a similar structure on a separate part of the HDD.

I don't have any issues with Maxwell material editor, in the preferences I point it to my F:\ drive where they are located and that is where it goes to everytime I load it up subsequently.

I only ever put Maxwell materials in a project directory if they are VERY specific to that project. However, SketchUP exports all materials and textures to my render folder as a matter of course… Great for sending to a render farm, not so great for saving disk space! I often do a quick filter search in Windows and delete those folfers once, a project is complete.

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