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By Max
hi guys, how would you recreate this material with maxwell?
im particulary interested into the microscratches that gets swirling around the highlights.

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By Nasok
Hey ya, technically they don't swirl around the highlight. Those micro scratches are all over the surface, they do become a little more visible closer to highlight due to their "micro depressed nature" since every "scratch" has its "walls" the light reflects in those that face the highlight and that's how this effects is produced.
Generally, all you need is a really fine scratch map for roughness. And maybe a lighter version of it for normal / bump to support the surface variation. And, well, a highlight (read light source)
In other render engines you could've mapped this roughness threshold to camera angle, but since there is no nodes support in Maxwell at the moment - I guess this is the closest you can get :)
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By Leonardo Giomarelli
Hi Max,
try following this tutorial .... http: //viscorbel.com/microscratches-swirl-marks-spiderwebbing-vray-tutorial/
I know it's not for Maxwell but I'm sure it can help you ....

By feynman
We did this some years ago for cutlery photography. Stick a normal map with scratches of the desired density in Global Properties > Global Bump. The scratches will show up in and around strong highlights. Look very close at the preview, nose must touch the screen. It's a great subtle effect.

Same technique also works well with scuffed plastics. We put this on all metals and plastics and then toggled on/off depending on need. Cant upload MXM here, says "wrong file extension". Even the "new" forum doesn't work properly. Oh well...

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By choo-chee
I got perfect metals like that from the online material base, "HT_ABS_Brushed Chrome Plated_3" and some others made by same guy.
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By Max
i can not find that material you talking about, mind linking it please?
thanks everyone for the answers
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