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I've noticed that when launching a render with de-noise, on some occasions, if a texture is missing (usually one is used as a normal map, weird), first render pass will fail to start but render process will continue and move on to 2nd pass and will start rendering pass 2 without doing pass 1 and eventually when de-noise phase is supposed to start - render will crash. so you think that the scene is rendering and go home for the night, to get nothing in result in the morning....
Yes, sorry for the inconveniences.

We have it noted down for the round of fixes pending regarding the Denoiser.

Thank you for reporting it.

Hello, i install new version 4.2.4 for 3d max and face the problem that it can not do rendering, i found out that it is not able to work with Maxwell Scatter and Maxwell Proxy from previous version(4.2.1).
If it is possible fix this bug please. I have more then 500 scenes done already on old version and around 30 scenes on new version which i will not be able to open at all on old version.
As of now i found solution like keep two 3d max 2017 and 2018 with two different maxwell version.
Hello Dmitriy,

Thank you for reporting the problem, but I don't seem to be able to reproduce it here. I installed 4.2.1, generated some scenes (one with Maxwell Scatter, another with Maxwell Grass and another one with Proxies), and then uninstalled 4.2.1 and installed 4.2.4. They render fine here.
When you say "it can not do rendering" what do you mean exactly? Does it crash or it just does nothing? Does it show any error message?

However, I noticed another bug that may be related: if you add a Maxwell Scatter or Maxwell Grass without having Maxwell Render set as render engine, 3dsmax closes.

Dmitriy Berdnichenko wrote:I was wrong it is because of Maxwell Lights - please check

I think as you updated lights for Maxwell/3dmax it cause this problem.
Hi Dmitriy,

Yes, there is a problem with MxLight that were created with 4.2.2. Actually, the problem was with that version that stored them incorrectly, so 4.2.3 and 4.2.4 can open scenes with MxLigths created in 4.2.1 and older ones, but not the files created in 4.2.2 (which was removed quickly after release).
Might that be the case?
choo-chee wrote:any news regarding updates for other plugins, esp those mentioned above causing denoiser to fail ?
Well, in that case, the problem does not rely on the plugin side, but on Maxwell's. The issue is that when the Denoiser is running, any stop that happens during the first pass is considered as if the first pass had finished instead of stopping the render completely, so it tries to continue with the second pass and enters in a strange state with no future.

However, the plugin for Maya is going to receive an update soon with some interesting improvements.

Hi Dmitriy,

I still cannot reproduce it. I have a scene made in 4.2.1 with all MxLight types, that renders just fine.

At that moment of the preprocess, Maxwell is processing power for Multilight, then displacement, then motion blur and then processes extrasampling masks. That concludes preprocess phase.

Maybe you could send me that scene through private message? (click on my user name and on the right box you'll find a balloon, click there).

Thank you!

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