Everything related to Maxwell Render and general stuff that doesn't fit in other categories.
I would like to hear about any news and planning improvements for maxwell render.

1. Are you still considering GPU render to be completed ?

2. Nvidia released OptiX 5.0 IA real time denoiser which VRAY and Corona already have?

3. Any CPU speed improvements or hybrid with GPU?

4. Do you planning to have full support of Forest Pro?

I would appreciate if you provide some picture Where are we, as a lot of changed and improved in the Rendering market.

Thanks in advance
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By Nasok
Oh, roadmap for Maxwell - that's pretty cool :)
Would be great if it would be paired with "user voice" platform (or similar) where .. for instance every registered user will have a 3 points. and he can give his point to a specific feature all three point to a single feature or give each feature he would like to see one point each. that way you're prioritising things and developers don't have to focus on doing EVERYTHING at the same time :)

Feels like a win-win solution :)
As I laid out above, Arion is the only contender for industrial and product designers; the only renderer (apart from the dreadful Keyshot) working with OBJ file output from Catia, Alias, Creo, NX, SolidWorks, for all others have no standalone equivalent to Maxwell Render Studio, which could have been great if Next Limit would have had the customer base and financial situation to take market share.

It was nice while it lasted.

I understand your concerns about Maxwell development. I feel it too.

However, even if the pace of development is not as fast as we would have liked, we are working in having a version ready with MultiGPU and support for additive layers in material as well as other improvements. We also want to improve the Denoiser workflow and we have looked into Nvidia's denoiser.

The updates will come as soon as possible. I apologize for the long wait.

Best wishes,
By djiin
Hi there,
yes what would be great to know is if maxwell is gonna be improved and WHEN?? when you are a cgi artist, you have to know where you are going with your favorite tool. Personally, with the big disappointment on the v4 release, as many sure have done, i started to look at other rendering engines. Many are great, faaaast, but i must admit that no engine is greater than maxwell, specially lights and metal. I'm sure NL won't do the same mistake again with a far from usable release but since we hear those developments (multi-gpu, additive layers) are in progress, can someone of NL could tell us about how many time we have to wait until we can hope for a release. "Not fast as we would have liked" is a very shady statement, anything more accurate? before the end of this year? I even think that many of us would agree to help with beta test now the worst is behind us (i mean this catastrophic v4 release with everybody hoping with best of both world, maxwell engine + speed)
As well as Denoiser must be improved right now... It is already one year since new version was released and it is time for new one with -

1. GPU working for production renderings
2. Denoiser working one step processing at the end
3. CPU speed improvements
4. Fire render improvements

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