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By Mihai
Use real glass with thickness and try to hide the glass object from GI (from the object properties) - that will usually make it clear faster while still giving you refraction/reflections, and the light from the filament passing through it will just ignore this glass surface thus not creating caustic light. Just do comparison renders though with GI for the glass on/off to see if it doesn't take away too much from the look.
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By Nasok
ABS plastic looks pretty cool :)

Regarding the glass light bulb - Yeah - I would go with real glass with proper thickness and I would reduce the intensity of the filament to a manageable values. Or maybe also reduced the amount of influence of HDRI to the refractions not to overcast. Basically would use different images (or at least different values) for illumination / reflection / refraction - to have a better control over how much light is passed through. That way you could fine-tune it via multi light later on. Maybe.
Nasok wrote:Niiiiiice :)
Love the tactile feel :)

Here is my quick and humble take on cheap industrial plastic:

Grab it HERE for free (4k tile-able)

Wow Nasok,
really a great job! Thank you for sharing your material :D :D
Dmitriy Berdnichenko wrote:see sample
Hi Dimitry,
As for your light bulb, I also suggest you look for the real power specifications in lumens. Having certain data in these cases helps a lot :wink: :wink:


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