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By Petero
Have Node locked Suite + FormZ plugin which work fine.
I have an 'old' RLM from V 3 on the machine which works.

I recently bought 5 V4 Node licenses 'floating' to serve my base license.


I get this message at activation (in which I use actuiivation key through the License activator Program.

"Error validating license.
The license file has been correctly written but this system cannot connect to license manager.
Please check the IP and Port specified are correct.
It also maybe due to a firewall blocking the connection.

Please visit our support site.""

I have made exceptions for Mx in AVG and in my firewall (Win 7 64 bit)
  • Where do I check IP and Port? please give instructions.
    In "Program data/Next Limit/Maxwell/licenses", should my NODE license read "maxwell_rendernode.lic" or "maxwell_license.lic"?
    Should I use the SAME activation key on all fivze Nodes?
    If the Node licenses are floating, doesn't this imply that I use RLM??
    I have read the documentation and troubleshooting but none of this is clear.
Please help. as it is I lost 10 days just communicating with you services to get some answers. Dan was very helpful, but e mails get lost..
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