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By IngvarH
or maybe not irritated, but it does seem to be very hard to get some answers here.

Since I bought Maxwell (3ds max plugin) I've had some questions. The first one about "enable whitecaps" in Maxwell sea? Nothing! There is nothing about this in the documentation. I've googled it. Nothing. Is it something that existed at some point in the development, but someone forgot to remove it from the UI? I still don't know.

I've been playing around with openvdb, and for a few days now, Phoenix FD. Which is cool. So I made this really nice looking explosion. It's roughly 25 meters high. I exported it from Phoenix FD as a vdb and imported it as a mxvolumetric. Which gives me this small cube 1 cm on a side. And an explosion about (eye balling it) 2 km high. What's up with this.

Yes, I could try to scale it down, and try to position it with like a million renders (as I can only see it when I render), but this does not seem like a feature. Is it really impossible to get the size of the voxelgrid from the file? And use this size for the wireframe in the scene?

Is this a bug? I don't know. Except for the advice to read the documentation (which I've done...many times) no one seems to have any input on this.

So, any developer reading this would be most welcome with some info.


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