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By seghier
the denoiser script don't show anything :
// This script shows how to use multilight API through scripting
// It opens a MXI file, parses all the lights and changes its intensity to 500 Watts



what is the relation between multilight and the denoiser ?
By luis.hijarrubia
I think that example shows how to change lights and redenoise, but not how to configure a render to do denoising (do the double render). In command line works fine, so you can do a script with any languaje. What kind of script are you using, that's not python isn't it?
By luis.hijarrubia
You can export the animation as a list of mxs and then use the network (even if the node it's the same computer) to render them all as a batch with denoiser. We should include a python script to render all mxs in a folder with or without denoiser.
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By seghier
i open network monitor and choose : animation job
than it show me three messages :
the scene file does not seem a network path
Mxi output does not seem a network path
image output does not seem a network path
than nothing happen
how the network work in my laptop ?
TCP server can not listen port: 45463
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By Forum Moderator
Hi Seguier,

If you do not specify a path in the scene it does not save the denoised image (we should automate this); anyway, I have just noticed that in the last version it is only saving the image without numbering, so it will overwrite the denoised image with current frame's denoised one, over and over again. :evil:

What you can do is to open the file in Maxwell Render and launch the animation using the frame option (just type the range of frames you want to render, like 0-11). In this case, for the process to work correctly, you have to set Denoiser to "At end" or it will fail. In this case, it will save the files correctly.

I hope this works for you.
By luis.hijarrubia
Sorry, it doesn't accept end as value, you have to put the same SL as the one in render. I mean if you wat to render to SL 15, it should be -denoiseStartSL:15

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