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By Anders Peter Amsnæs

I have successfully used Rebusfarm for years. I generally place lots of .mxs files within my projects, which are uploaded with RebusDrop along with textures etc.

Today, Rebusfarm updated to support Maxwell render 4.1, which is great, but RebusDrop no longer uploads placed .mxs files along with the main .mxs project file, so all my renderings fail because of missing depencies.

I am hopeing they will come through and fix this by tomorrow, because i have to deliver 15 high res rendering and ther is no way i can do it without a rendefarm.

But, just in case... does anyone have suggestions for another renderfarm service that does work with projects that has other .mxs files within?

By Eduardo G
Thanks for the endorsement Nasok :)

Yes, you can work with Fast Render Farm. Very simple to work with. Already supports version 4.1 but maintains support for previous versions.
By Anders Peter Amsnæs
For those that might be interested I tested both RenderStorm, Ranch and Fast Render today. They all work with scenes that has placed .mxs files (unlike Rebus at the moment).

They all have good and bad things going for them, but Fast render is definitely a joy to use!

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